Erin Howard, BrainRenu Co-Founder, Teaching a Two Day Class In Central Florida.

College of Central Florida Ocala, FL

Our background and training in alternative care where we have spent tens of thousands of hours consulting with clients on a one on one basis is the foundation for our continued growth in working with clients. Many meaningful relationships were formed along the way and as a result our Coaching Practice evolved into working with business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to excel beyond the present.

Because of our background and training, we have been able to help our clients achieve their business/professional objectives from a different angle. It’s not from a technical angle by any means. Instead we use as a foundation what we call a strength-based approach. We strongly focus on uncovering a person’s strengths, then use proven empowering strategies that enable our clients to reach their personal or professional objectives. Part of the process involves teaching what’s at the root of any behavior (both productive or unproductive) and use this insight to empower our clients to create the outcomes they strongly desire.  

We teach groups in formats, held during a two-day class and also consult on a one on one basis. We look forward to learning about your personal or professional objectives and are very excited to talk about a strategy that can get you there!                                        

BrainRenu Team